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    Samsung Stratosphere phone pictures were leaked

    In October last year, Verizon launched its first LTE features sliding lid QWERTY phone Samsung the Stratosphere. Its two-year contract price of $ 149.99, this phone is a mid-range device. Speculation about its sequel has been going on for some time. As early as in August, the sequel to the specifications has been leaked, and shows that this is mid-range equipment. Now that you have access to some the Samsung Stratosphere internal specifications information on someone evleaks leaked pictures of this phone, the picture shows that this is a sliding QWERTY phone. The screen may be larger than before that section, the processor may be faster, and the camera sensor may also be improved, but this device is still premise equipment. We do not yet know the time and price of the release
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    HTC's first WP8 system smart phone HTC 8X

    HTC as its first WP8 system smart phone, with concise appearance and good function configuration. This machine loading have support 720 p resolution of 4.3 inches SLCD2 touch screen, support 342 ppi pixel density, can bring good display effect. And in order to get a more fluent use experience, this machine also pick up 1.5 GHz basic frequency of qualcomm Xiao dragon S4 dual-core processor and 1 gb RAM capacity. HTC 8X also carry the WP8 system, its main feature is can customize dynamic magnet size, and lock screen new “rapid state” function. However, due to the cell phone use one forming casing relations, so the user can’t to replace the battery, and because this machine also does not support micro - SD memory card expand, this most cell phones only built-in 16
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    Cross-border large-screen mobile phone Lenovo A2105

    Lenovo A2105 design is unique, has a large 5-inch screen, although the resolution is not high, but very useful, especially suitable for the elderly on the screen asks. Exterior view the Lok Pad A2105 continues S2005 advantage of the large screen, user feedback recommendations in the product use and fully absorb, reduce the width of the border on the basis of the original 5-inch flat-panel single hand grip, the fingerstouch area larger. Fuselage using 3D etching process, black dark light texture even more music Pad A2105 restrained and minimalist business full range of children. Terms of hardware, the Lenovo A2105 CPU selection clocked at 1GHz Qualcomm platform, under the premise of ensuring mainstream performance, power consumption optimal. 800 * 480 resolution 5-inch TFT scr
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    Huawei WP8 phone Ascend W1

    The players evleaks released on Twitter a claim that Huaweis upcoming release of WP8 new machine Ascend 1 official map. Previously, he had early exposure of the appearance of the Nokia Lumia 920/820, fully consistent with the official results are released. Therefore, the exposure of the the Ascend W1 official map credibility of the still relatively high. Want to know more watchphone can focus on. Huawei this the W1 configuration before it has been exposed, probably configured as a 4-inch 800480 pixel resolution screen, full-fit technology, equipped with a 1.2GHz the Qualcomm S4 dual-core processor, 512MB RAM +4 GB ROM memory portfolio, with500-megapixel main camera and a 30-megapixel front camera, the battery capacity is 2000mAh. Huawei in next time as one of the partners of Mic
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    Global mobile phone subscribers has reached 6 billion China accounts for 1 billion shares

    Allegedly, the worlds total population of over 70 million, the vast majority of whom have their own phone. According to rough statistics of the International Telecommunication Union, about every 100 people, there are 86 individuals have at least one mobile phone, a total of about 60 million mobile phone. China alone accounted for 10 million share of India in a few months after this figure will reach. At the same time, according to the UN nuclear agency reported that worldwide there are about one-third of a total of about 23 million people are Internet users. This data also reflects the contradictions between the developed and developing countries as well as poor countries. International Telecommunication Union pointed out that 70% of Internet users from all countries with relati
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    The worlds thinnest dual standby smart machine Coolpad 9120

    Coolpad 9120 by Coolpad and Telecom launched it supports CDMA2000 network standard. The aircraft shape most breathtakingly place is that it is just 7.4mm fuselage, behind the smooth line with actual experience in the process has a very nice slim design and texture. 9120 Positive use a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen, Android 4.0 smartphone operating system is equipped with a built-in which, with a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, before and after the two camera pixels respectively 30 million and 800 million level. In addition, the machine also supports the Coolpad own cool cloud synchronization services, and global roaming. 9120 is a dual standby smart machine currently has the worlds thinnest body, body thickness of only 7.4mm screen OGS trackpad with full fitting LCM t
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    LG Electronics launch new high-end smartphone Optimus G

    LG Electronics today announced a new voice-activated camera equipped with a high-end smartphone Optimus G. The beleaguered company is trying to grab market share from Apple and Samsung Electronics in the hands during the crucial holiday shopping season. LG has yet to set foot in the smart phone business, has been difficult to match in the lead of Apple and Samsung. The company hopes the new Optimus G will also help it compete with Motorola Mobile, HTC, ZTE, Huawei and other companies. Optimus G using Google Android system priced at 1 million won (about $ 900), will be listed next week in South Korea later this will also visit Japan and the United States market. Optimus G has a 13 million pixel camera supports voice, and the image quality is better than the 4.7-inch screen of th
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    Tinggi kualitas ponsel Tajam SH8268U

    Para SH8268U tajam 3,2 inci, resolusi 800 * 480 pixel, tampilan gambar tajam kinerja sangat indah. Tertarik teman jangan lewatkan. SH8268U tajam dilengkapi dengan prosesor clock 600MHz, ditambah dengan 512MB RAM, menjalankan Android 2,2 kinerja sistem operasi cukup memuaskan, berjalan lebih lancar, juga dibangun pixel kamera 3 juta. Selain itu, The SH8268U Sharp juga mendukung WCDMA 3G jaringan, biaya tinggi.
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    Di ultra-tipis adalah Blade "klasik: Motorola XT910

    “Blade” Motorola seri merupakan mode model ramping dan high-end akhir, tenaga dari V3 ini benar-benar adalah serangkaian nama untuk bermain keluar, dan kelanjutan XT910 dari tradisi seri “Blade”, tajam faktor bentuk yang ramping, built-in konfigurasi benar-benar kuat Xiuwaihuizhong. Harga model juga mempertahankan tingkat yang wajar dan tidak ingin unggulan mahal, dan sangat hemat biaya. Motorola XT910 bentuk tubuh dari ketebalan sudut dari badan pesawat hanya di cover belakang 7.1mm bahan Kevlar memiliki fitur tahan aus dan anti gores, merasa adalah lebih baik. Positif menggunakan bahan layar 4,3 inci Super AMOLED dengan resolusi 540 960 piksel, layar luar biasa, tubuh internal dilengkapi dengan prosesor TI OMAP4430 dual-core, clock 1.2GHz, dan built-in 1GB RAM,
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    Biaya tinggi - MOTO XT615 telepon

    Motorola XT615 warna hitam keseluruhan, tubuh belakang kamera pixel 8 juta dan kamera depan VGA, LED mengisi cahaya untuk semua orang untuk membawa kamera yang bagus. Bagian bawah layar adalah empat standar Android tombol fungsi, dari kiri ke kanan adalah tombol menu, tombol Home, kembali kunci dan kunci pencarian, sentuhan sensitive key, operasi pengguna sangat nyaman. Lokasi dekat sudut kiri bawah ponsel ada lubang kecil, yang mikrofon telepon. Telepon bawah sudut kanan logo Motorola adalah sangat eye-catching. MOTO baru depan Korea XT615 dengan prosesor 800MHz, ROM 1GB dan 512MB RAM kombinasi, dukungan 32GB maksimum kartu Micro-SD ekspansi; kapasitas 1390 mA baterai, termasuk sensor kontak, sensor gravitasi, kompas elektronik. Yang memiliki lampu pernapasan dan lubang tali menggantung
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