Samsung Stratosphere phone pictures were leaked

3 Nov 2012

In October last year, Verizon launched its first LTE features sliding lid QWERTY phone Samsung the Stratosphere. Its two-year contract price of $ 149.99, this phone is a mid-range device. Speculation about its sequel has been going on for some time. As early as in August, the sequel to the specifications has been leaked, and shows that this is mid-range equipment.

Now that you have access to some the Samsung Stratosphere internal specifications information on someone evleaks leaked pictures of this phone, the picture shows that this is a sliding QWERTY phone. The screen may be larger than before that section, the processor may be faster, and the camera sensor may also be improved, but this device is still premise equipment.

We do not yet know the time and price of the release of this device, but the Samsung Stratosphere only more than half of the users complete their two-year contract, Verizon may need more new users to buy this phone.

Source - Mobile Electronic

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