Cross-border large-screen mobile phone Lenovo A2105

26 Oct 2012

Lenovo A2105 design is unique, has a large 5-inch screen, although the resolution is not high, but very useful, especially suitable for the elderly on the screen asks.

Exterior view the Lok Pad A2105 continues S2005 advantage of the large screen, user feedback recommendations in the product use and fully absorb, reduce the width of the border on the basis of the original 5-inch flat-panel single hand grip, the fingerstouch area larger. Fuselage using 3D etching process, black dark light texture even more music Pad A2105 restrained and minimalist business full range of children.

Terms of hardware, the Lenovo A2105 CPU selection clocked at 1GHz Qualcomm platform, under the premise of ensuring mainstream performance, power consumption optimal. 800 * 480 resolution 5-inch TFT screen is also more energy in the course of A2105. A2105 equipped on the system carefully optimized Android 4.0 system, not only has the new system UI dynamic wallpaper, simple lock screen more support all Andrews highest version of the application. The Music Pad A2105 set of e-mail, office, voice input, stocks, business travel, navigation, calendar management functions rolled into one. Whether it is a meeting of people, or the trapeze, rich and carefree running speed to ensure the efficiency of your work to the next level, Lok Pad A2105 choice of the best business partner.


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