New Android Mini PC: MK802 +

10 Oct 2012

China manufacturers recently introduced a newest USB portable computer called Android 4.0 mini PC, model for MK802 +.friend in need to Order.

This type of computer model for MK802 +, built-in ARM architecture AllWinner A10 mononuclear processor, can run Android 4.0 or compatible ARM architecture Linux system. Also equipped with Mali 400 independent graphics and 1GB of memory. Although it was mini (weight only 320 grams), but in addition to use should be through the HDMI connection displays (support 1080 p output) besides, other functions from soup to nuts. It is also equipped with USB interface, HDMI interface and microSD slot, 1GB memory and 4GB storage space, and at the same time also support WiFi Internet and 802.11 b/g agreement wireless network card.

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