Lenovo music Pad A2107

7 Oct 2012

Lenovo music Pad A2107 is new listed one tablet PC, it is lenovo music Pad series A plate of the second generation product. This machine for 3 g + WIFI version, and innovative to add a special double card double to function, can support WCDMA system. In the user to carry it out, at any time to the user bring smooth mobile life experience, use will be more convenient.

Lenovo Music Pad A2107 positive, similar to the previous generation model, but the A2107 bottom of the screen to cancel the three virtual function keys for Back, Home, Menu. LOGO on both sides of the screen just above, respectively, with a 30-megapixel front camera and light sensor window. The machine is about 400 grams, the compact and lightweight, wide frame design single hands operation are convenient grip. Stroked up with frosted texture in the back of the fuselage, with brownish black plastic material, non-slip effect, feel comfortable. On the screen, the tablet uses a 7-inch screen, the resolution WSVGA 1024 600 pixel level, and the display is clear and can identify the 5-point touch.

Photographed part of Lenovo Music Pad A2107 home 2-megapixel camera for the entry-level standards, the shooting was acceptable, and occasionally as a Tablet PC for everyday shooting more than enough. Entire body with integrated design side of the border is the use of the integrated anti-roller design, done a good job in terms of popular brands defensive, while the factory has been a series of stringent drop test, so terms of quality should be assured.

Lenovo music Pad A2107 carrying MTK 6575 (Cortex A9 architecture), 1 GHZ processors, with standard 1 gb of memory and 16 gb storage space, preloaded after optimization custom Android 4.0 operating system, and supports the WCDMA/GSM + GSM double card double stay, support bluetooth 4.0 technology, battery capacity is 3550 mah. Interface is rich, extensibility.

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